From the dusty notebook #2: What I got from reading The Hunger Games

November 25, 2011

I figured it out. I’m Katniss. It’s not because of anything she was or did. It’s because I realize now that I have a Gale. I’m not sure who my Peeta is though. I have a feeling I haven’t met him yet. And I also don’t know how my Katniss story will end.

But I think it’s worth saying that after reading the novel and before realizing who my Gale was, I wanted so badly to have Katniss end up with Gale.

Yep, this still holds true today, except the part where I badly want Katniss to end up with Gale. After a very long time (months) of imagining a different ending in my head (I almost always do that), I’ve come to accept the fact that Katniss and Gale would probably never work out, that it’s how it was meant to be from the very beginning and that facts 1 & 2 apply to me and my real-life Gale too. It took me a bit (when I say a bit, I actually mean a lot) longer to figure that last one out, to be honest. But hey, at least I figured it out.


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