11/01/12 – Sometimes, this world scares me.

I’m not saying this because it’s Halloween.

I’m saying this because last night, a girl from school was stabbed to death by men who didn’t even know her. 49 times. This girl was stabbed forty-freakin’-nine times.

She wasn’t robbed. She wasn’t raped. I’m not saying that a girl getting murdered must involve either of the two but I can’t help but feel like these men simply picked her out and decided to kill her.

I cannot understand it.

I can’t understand how a person, much less a group of men, can just walk up to a girl, look her in the eyes, and put a knife into her.

I know this kind of news isn’t unusual. I don’t know why this one hit me the way it did when there are even worse stories out there. That’s what scares me.

It’s times like this when I find myself losing a little faith in humanity.


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