My Friend, the Stargazer

Extraordinary (adj.) – beyond what is usual or ordinary; exceptional in character; the perfect word for someone who isn’t perfect but might as well be

She is beautiful and free-spirited. She’s amazingly exquisite yet endearingly clumsy at the same time. She loves with her whole heart and lives with her whole soul. True enough, everyone loves her… except one.

One isn’t really a significant number. In most cases, more is always better. In terms of people, however, it can be quite tricky. You see, people can’t really choose who to make their hearts beat. All I know is that for each person, there is only one. It’s normal though to mistake someone for being that one.

She surely has.

If you can look into her heart, you will see a tiny hole right in the middle. But tiny as it may be, it seems as though it controls everything in her, forcing her to cry when she’s all out of tears, making her feel extremely lonely when she’s surrounded by people, pushing her to her breaking point when she’s much stronger than that and compelling her to look at just one star every night.

A stargazer.

Stargazer (n.) – a person who gazes at stars; a daydreamer; the perfect word for someone who isn’t perfect but might as well be, yet fails to realize it

At first, I never really understood why she looks at just one when they all look alike. It’s nothing special nor does it stand out. Truth be told, she’s really just staring at a different star each night.

But then it hit me. Just one. She gazes at the star as though she’s reaching out for him with her pleading eyes.

And when I look into the Stargazer’s eyes filled with longing and pain, I feel like I have this responsibility to tell her the awful truth about the stars. Often I wonder what it is with stars that make people wish upon them. Yes, stars do seem pretty from afar. But when you get too close, you’ll burn.

And anything that burns you is never a good thing, yes?

So please, Stargazer, bear this in mind about that pretty little star- it’s simply one of those things that are better when looking at instead of being with. Rather than gazing and waiting on the night sky for that very ordinary and predictable star, look around you.

Feel. Appreciate. And love.

There are more stars here, you know. And I promise you, they don’t burn.


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