It is my sincere and evil hope that you are as annoyed at me as I am at you.

I’m sorry. Just this once I will allow my immaturity to get the best of me.

YOU. You think of yourself above everyone else, even your own friends. You’re used to ordering people around and expecting them to willingly comply while you sit there and do absolutely nothing. And you get away with it all because you can be one terrifying she-devil (I have another, more appropriate word in mind but…) and mostly everyone is scared of you.

Unfortunately, it’s not in my nature to be confrontational. You’re making me want to be, though. And you’re definitely pushing me in that direction. Right now, I’m just trying to stop myself from thinking really bad thoughts about you and, honestly, it’s more for my sake than yours.

So I’m letting it out and letting it go.

You. Annoy. Me. Immensely. And. I. Sincerely. Wish. That. I. Annoy. You. As. Well.



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