To the people who keep saying Manny Pacquiao lost because he changed his religion

Tell me, when Pacquiao won over his Catholic opponents, why did they lose?

I am not a fan of boxing but I’ve always admired how this boxer would kneel in prayer before and after every fight. And this was when he was still a Catholic. Even if we didn’t share the same faith then, his devotion was something I don’t often see in famous celebrities and athletes and, because of that, I’ve always respected him.

After his match with Juan Miguel Marquez, I found out he became a Born-Again Christian and this was only because people, including his mother apparently, were blaming his change of religions for his loss. Some were saying he was distracted by attending Bible studies and others were criticizing him for not wearing the rosary when he went into the ring.

Whaaaaaaat? I know I shouldn’t really have a say on the matter since I’m not a fan of either boxer, nor am I a fan of the sport. I am a Born-Again Christian but putting that aside, I’m saying this as a human being, Whaaaaaaaat? How in the world is religion connected to boxing? 

I am not in any way criticizing Catholicism. Some of my closest friends are in fact Catholics and even they find this whole thing dumb. I am saying this to the people who have made the ridiculous and absurd connection between Pacquiao’s religion and his loss.

And these are the same people who wonder why there are so many who reject [their] religion.

And THIS is why I sometimes think I cannot be a journalist. I have opinions, and when I have opinions, I find myself wanting to share them. 


3 thoughts on “To the people who keep saying Manny Pacquiao lost because he changed his religion

  1. Kris December 13, 2012 / 10:09 pm

    Well said.

  2. andydbrown December 14, 2012 / 10:12 am

    What she (Kris) said! As a man married to a Filipina, I’ve followed this story of Pacquiao, his coming to the light (praise God!) and the ridiculous reaction of his change of religion being blamed on his recent loss. Thanks a lot for putting down in brilliant words what I also feel but could not have expressed as well.

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