Of Dairy Queen, haircuts and judgment

I wasn’t supposed to go anywhere besides school today. If you looked at my planner, I had a long to-do list scheduled and I really did plan on doing each and every one of the things on that list.

Random fact about me: I like making to-do lists, any lists actually (even the enumeration portion in exams). Another random fact about me: I like following the list just so that I’d be able to cross the items off the list. Final random fact about me: The aforementioned facts do not mean I actually do the things I listed.


I was so set on finishing some school work that are due by the end of the month. I was already sitting down with my notebooks and pens ready on my desk. All I had to do was start. And I was going to.

But then my sister just had to go to the mall to hang out with her best friend. And the mall they planned to go to just had to be the one with a Dairy Queen. DAIRY QUEEN. It’s like the whole universe conspired against my homework!

So naturally, I had to go along with her just so that I could get me some Dairy Queen. I got two Chocolate Chip blizzards, by the way, but that’s not the point.

The point is I had to wait for my sister so we could go home together and I couldn’t spend three hours just eating Dairy Queen ice cream. No, wait, I probably could, but I wouldn’t only because I know I shouldn’t. And I couldn’t go shopping either because shopping requires spending and I know I couldn’t, shouldn’t and wouldn’t spend (I’m saving up for my dreams) so I had to look for something else to do.

Then I saw the salon and figured it was the perfect time to have my haircut since I’ve been wanting to have my hair shortened for quite a while now.

So I did.

I’ve never had really long hair before because I find it really difficult to maintain but I’ve never had my hair this short before either. It’s about an inch above my shoulders and I am completely in love with it.

But I didn’t just get a haircut today. I got a lesson in making judgments too.

See, the one who cut my hair is a lesbian. She wore a loose shirt with baggy jeans and she had really short and spiky hair. I’m fine with that, I’ve met some lesbians before and I consider them really nice people. But I couldn’t help but be slightly worried, since I basically just said I wanted short hair and left the rest up to her, that my hair might end up looking like hers. And I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t be able to flaunt that look. I’m sure that would have been terrible, not only for me but also for the people who would have to look at me.

But like I said, the result was way better than I expected which was a nice slap on the face for my moment of judging her capabilities by her physical appearance.

I plan on becoming a regular customer at that salon. I looked a thousand times better when I left that place than I did when I went in. And there’s a Dairy Queen nearby!

Yup, today’s been pretty fantastic.


2 thoughts on “Of Dairy Queen, haircuts and judgment

  1. djdfr February 7, 2013 / 5:17 pm

    It’s very difficult to know in advance what kind of hairdresser someone will be. You can’t generally go by their own hair since probably somebody else did it for them.

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