To my grandparents


After 65 years together, it’s still as though you just got married yesterday. I’ve never seen any couple, old or young, who’s as in love with each other as you two are. You make each other extremely and utterly happy without even trying. You always hold hands, even if it’s just going from one room to another.You don’t fight, not because you don’t have disagreements but because you compromise before arguing. You don’t eat unless the other does. You don’t sleep until the other’s lying beside you. You look at each other and smile. You kiss each other good morning and good night. You love each other truly and completely, and everyone around you can feel it.

I will forever remember that time when Ama (grandmother) was very sick in the hospital. My sisters and I were just talking on the couch by the window, passing the time. I looked around and I saw Angkong (grandfather), standing beside Ama’s bed. Your hands were interlaced, you had your head bowed down, and you were praying. I cry whenever that image pops up in my head because while the thought of losing both of you breaks my heart, the thought of either of you getting left behind by the other is literally unbearable.

Your four sons and their wives, your three daughters and their husbands, your 19 grandchildren and your great grandchild are above and beyond blessed to have you. This family’s unwavering bond, the blessings we’ve experienced and, most of all, our faith in God are all because of you and how you brought us up.

There are so may bad things happening around the world today and it scares me. There’s so much hate that, sometimes, I’m tempted to give in to it and let it consume me. But I look at you and the love you share and, as cheezy as it may sound, I believe in love again. I hope and pray that one day, I’ll have a love story like yours.

Happy 65th Anniversary, Angkong and Ama. I love you both dearly.


4 thoughts on “To my grandparents

  1. "Occam Blade" April 29, 2013 / 4:09 pm

    Nicely done. Such a life of love is possible. Don’t lose faith.

  2. Pamela Beckford April 29, 2013 / 8:24 pm

    What an amazing legacy they have left you to emulate and work towards

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