Humanity and traffic jams

It’s not just the profanities and insults people scream at each other that get to me when I’m caught in a traffic jam, it’s also the way they turn into vicious drivers who lose all regard for rules and basic manners. I can probably understand – albeit with a very sour look on my face – drivers who run the red light or purposely ignore the big red stop sign or whatever. They’re in a hurry. Fine. But people who get crazy mad at the person in front of them for not running the red light in an already clogged intersection? Really? Unless there’s a World War Z kind of zombie stampede or a The Day After Tomorrow sort of tsunami coming straight for us and, of course, if we’re in a Fast and the Furious type of scenario (because that would be pretty cool), no logic nor morals can justify that. 

I firmly believe that the way a person behaves when he’s behind the wheel says an awful lot about his character… which is why I sometimes find myself losing a little bit of faith in humanity every time I get stuck in traffic. 

It’s kind of a funny story

My cousin told me a story about how one of his friends, who has trouble controlling her temper and sometimes has the road rage, reacted when she came across a reckless driver. She was driving home from church one Sunday when the car beside her suddenly swerved to her lane, almost hitting her car. In that instant, she saw red. She was so livid that she almost forgot everything she heard in church. Almost. She drove her car beside his, rolled down the window and screamed at the top of her lungs, “God bless you, you son of a bitch!” 

See? Almost.



One thought on “Humanity and traffic jams

  1. Kami Tilby June 20, 2013 / 10:07 pm

    I’m normally a calm person, but my personality definitely changes in a vehicle if I’m the driver. It’d be interesting to figure out why.

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