An assortment of things from the family closet

For some reason, I find myself with the urge of wanting to clean the whole house every Christmas season and this year’s no exception. To officially kick off the Christmas cleaning season, I emptied one of the family closets having discovered that NONE of the things inside made any sense of being there. As a matter of fact, the variety of the things I found in just that one closet is outright bizarre… and definitely worth blogging about. So here they are:

  1. Old socks and underwear
  2. A big T-square
  3. A box of chocolate that expired in 2000
  4. Vera Wang perfume that was still completely gift-wrapped
  5. My sister’s old stuffed animal named Ducky because it was indeed a duck, although you probably couldn’t tell anymore (it’s that old)
  6. Gloves and a face mask which were really appropriate for the situation
  7. A spatula. Yes, a spatula.
  8. A garbage bag – it was like finding a fridge under a pile of food.
  9. A lock with no key and a key with no lock
  10. Facial wash
  11. A very strange smell
  12. Bugs, mostly dead – which probably explains the strange smell

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