Preschool Dialogue #1: Of flying things, merlions and peeing

This splendid conversation between my 4-year-old students, Enzo and Brent (with a special appearance of JJ), will happify your day. A few months ago, Enzo went to Singapore with his family and was so amazed with everything he saw. Brent, on the other hand, did not go to Singapore but that did not stop him from seeing amazing things as well. And JJ just knows how to end a conversation perfectly.

Enzo raises his hand…

Enzo: Teacher, when I went to Singapore, we ate in a restaurant with flying ninjas!

Before I can reply, Brent raises his hand and doesn’t even wait for me to call his name…

Brent: Teacher, I saw flying birds!

But it doesn’t stop there. Enzo looks at Brent and accepts the challenge.

Enzo: And then Teacher, I saw a merlion. It’s white and hard and it’s like a mermaid… but it’s a lion.

Brent: Teacher, I saw a merlion too. But it’s color brown. And… and it spins the ball on his mouth. And it swims in the ocean! I saw it on TV!

Teacher (because I couldn’t help myself): Brent, I think that’s a sea lion.

Enzo raises his hand…

Enzo: Teacher, I also saw a sea lion.

Brent raises his hand…

Brent: Teacher, I saw the sea lion first!

JJ raises his hand…

JJ: Teacher, I need to pee.



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