The best thing I did today: Exacting revenge

*Note: To fully comprehend the gravity of this act, you have to read this.

I woke up at 7 a.m.

I got up and went to my sister’s room.

As I was standing by her bed, watching her sleep, I mustered up all the courage I could get. My sister could be very terrifying when in a bad mood, you see. She’s also an insanely talented slapper.

I knew there was a good chance I’d be in big trouble but I also knew that there would be no turning back. It was to be my greatest act of courage. So after a few deep breaths and a quick prayer (I’m serious), I executed my revenge.

I knocked on her bedside table until I saw her eyes, those big, scary eyes, open.

And then, I asked her in a very happy and pleasant, almost musical, tone of voice,

“Do you want to build a snowmaaaaaaaaaaan?!?!?!”


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