I’ve been thinking a lot lately…

And I’ve been writing a lot less.

The last month has been the roughest one so far, but it’s not because of bad experiences, unpleasant people or unfortunate circumstances.

I think the struggle is more internal than anything else which is even worse, to be honest. If the problem lies somewhere around me, it’s easy to deal with it once I figure out where it’s coming from. But what am I supposed to do when the problem lies inside of me?

I’ve come to realize the answer to that is to change. Change a thought. Change my perspective. Change my direction. Change an expectation.

But change is never easy, especially when I don’t know which one to change and what exactly I should change it to.

So for the past couple of weeks, I spent a lot of my time thinking about it.

And thinking brought me to a place of… I guess the most accurate term is understanding and, more importantly an acceptance of that understanding.

I’ve been writing about it these past two days, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you once I’m finished.

Until then, know that life is good.


But good.


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