Of staring at the moon and the thoughts that come with it

Is it just me or is the moon looking extra fine tonight?

I saw the moon tonight and I was completely amazed. In fact, I was so amazed by what I saw that I asked my mom, who was in the car with me, if it really was the moon I’m seeing. In fact in fact, before sharing this thought with the wonderful world of social media, I found myself looking for the moon again and again when it got lost in the trees and buildings just to make sure that it was still the way I saw it. For a while there I just was just staring at it. I found it so mesmerizing.

After some time, it dawned on me that it had been days, maybe weeks, since I’d last seen it. And the reason why I hadn’t seen it for a long time is simply because I hadn’t taken the time to look at it. Which I think is pretty sad considering I’ve been coming home late this past week so if there’s anything I should’ve seen a lot of recently, it would be the moon. But I didn’t.

And the first thought that popped up in my head soon after realizing that is that I’ve been spending a lot of my days looking straight ahead, both in the road and life in general, that I’ve forgotten that it wouldn’t hurt to look up once in awhile.

One of the things I always have the most trouble with is finding that balance between being realistic and being the world-peace kind of idealistic. I’m usually either one or the other; rarely am I a combination of both. And for the past few weeks, I’ve mostly been, I think the perfect word for it is functional. I’ve been doing everything I’m supposed to be doing – working and teaching, self-studying during my free time and planning my future. I got so caught up in the technicals and practicals of this life, that I forgot to let my head fly up in the clouds a little bit. And I’m saying that not because I need it, but because it feels nice, and because I think because we owe it to ourselves to do something that feels nice every now and then.

Another thought that came to mind is how underrated the moon is compared to the sun and stars. Literally speaking. The sun is the sun, nothing really tops that. We can’t really underrate the sun since the existence of the entire human race depends on it. And the stars… well, John Green, along with every other love song, made sure no one will ever forget about those.

But the moon… the moon is just there, appearing every night like it’s supposed to, at a time when people are either too tired to care or too drunk to notice. I guess it’s because there’s very little mystery about it now, that it doesn’t get the cred the other two have. It can’t be known for its beauty either since it’s basically a gray ball of holes and craters.

But it has its moments. Like tonight.

I’m tempted to list down a number of symbolism and parallels about the moon and life and love and people right now, but I’ll just leave it at this: being a moon among the stars and under the shadow of the sun is a most beautiful thing in the most inconspicuous of ways.

Really though, if you’re reading this right now and the moon’s still out where you are, go and look. I hope it looks the same way it does here. I hope you see it the way I do right now.


2 thoughts on “Of staring at the moon and the thoughts that come with it

  1. Kiki November 7, 2014 / 8:46 am

    Driving home from work last night I also noticed the moon and found it particularly appealing. It was very white compared to last month’s blood moon. Getting up in the middle of the night, I thought I’d left a light on but then realised it was moonlight illuminating the place, quite brightly. Very beautiful indeed.
    The sad thing? I’d very likely have forgotten about it if it weren’t for your post…

    • Kathryn G November 7, 2014 / 11:53 am

      I’m glad you remembered then. And I’m glad I played a small part in your remembering. 🙂

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