The scariest moment of my entire life, and faith

This week weighed heavy on my heart and mind. Aside from having a meltdown at work, I just recently started tutoring this new kid who had fallen so far behind in his lessons and who was also in the middle of his exam week; so the pressure I felt to teach him everything he missed and didn’t understand in a span of two days was exhausting. Add to that the fact that I was also presented with a big decision that could drastically alter the plans I’ve already set myself on for the next few years, and you can imagine how completely drained I’ve been.

But these are nothing compared to what happened Thursday night.

Because Thursday night, I heard my grandfather’s head hit the floor. I didn’t see it. I heard it. It was the kind of sound that, when you hear it, you know right away it’s the sound of someone’s head – and not any other part of the body – hitting the floor. And I swear to you, I have never been more scared in my entire life.

Seeing my 95-year-old grandfather on the floor, his hand on his head, looking dazed and in pain, it broke my heart a thousand times over. I’m not the type of person who easily panics but at that moment, I had to ask my sister to be the one to help him because I was hyperventilating. My brain just shut down; all I remember was saying “Please, God” over and over again in my head.

It’s moments like this that give me that much needed new perspective on life. Before my grandfather’s accident, I treated the things I spent every waking minute worrying about as though they were life-threatening. And then something actually life-threatening happens right before my very eyes. Suddenly, those things meant nothing to me.

Thankfully though, after bringing him to the ER, we were assured that his fall only gave him a bump and bruise on his head, nothing more. No concussion, no internal bleeding, nothing.

I honestly believe that if God had favorites, my grandparents would be part of that group. He’s looked after them so much these past few years. My 90-year-old grandmother slipped and fell last year, and had to undergo a hip replacement surgery. While her age cast doubt on whether she could walk again, she was back on her feet two months after the operation. Just a month or so ago, my grandfather was walking on a sidewalk when he stepped on a rock and fell to the pavement. There was a nasty gash on his knee that bled for days, but even then he was already able to go back to his daily 6-a.m. walks.

Believe me or not, the reason why they’ve always been able to get through their toughest times is their rock solid faith in God. I look at how they live their life and how zealous their love is for God, and I’m not surprised by these little big miracles they’ve been blessed with. People with faith as big as theirs are bound to attract miracles. And people like me who get to witness all that are left with a feeling of awe.


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