God talks, God listens

Every now and then, I feel  the need to put into words my faith and, more importantly, how God reignites it by reminding me two things:

He talks.

Last week, I was in a bookstore, trying to decide which notebooks to buy for my Sunday school kids. I don’t think I’ve ever shared this fact about me but I LOVE notebooks and having to choose one is a very serious and meticulous process for me that could literally take an hour. Anyway, after looking at all the wonderful notebooks on display, I finally sort of settled on one design, meaning I already had the notebook in my hand but other notebooks were going through my mind. Casually and without really meaning it, I said loudly enough for me to hear but soft enough that no one else would think of me insane, “Fine, I choose you. What do You think, Lord?” And I started to walk toward the store counter. But right there at the end of the aisle was a stack of notebooks that basically screamed, “Pick me!” They were cheaper too.

So I turned around to return the notebooks I was carrying and when I reached that part of the aisle, I saw my phone right there on the shelf with all the notebooks that now seemed easier to ignore. I didn’t even realize I put my phone down until I saw it there on display, waiting for some other notebook-loving girl to take it home with her.

Seriously, one of the things I enjoy most about God is His sense of humor. I left that bookstore saving more money than I would have, with notebooks I completely adore and with my phone still in my pocket.

He listens.

I teach at a small private preschool that you can describe as traditional and what I like to describe as classic. A few days ago, my mom and I talked about the decreasing number of students enrolling in the school, especially for the next school year. We talked about how we think most parents nowadays want to send their kids to bigger, more modern and progressive schools. She told me to pray about it. I said I would. Typical me though, I completely forgot. But last night, I finally remembered to include it in my prayers.

And then earlier today, two couples showed up to inquire about the school. One couple added their names to the reservation list and, although the other didn’t, they gave the impression that they were considering enrollment.

Another thing I love about God? His impeccable timing.


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