So angry, so beautiful


For an hour or so, I was sitting by the rocks, watching the waves and thinking to myself, “I’m meant to be here at this very moment, so that I could see this and end my year feeling more alive than ever.”


A Tuesday gift from my sister

I will.

If you had asked me every single day for the past year or so what I am most thankful for, 90% of my answers would have been the same: my sister, Karen. For someone who is four years younger than me, she just gets me.

We’ve been talking to each other a lot lately about our dreams and plans for the future. She’s on her third year in college and is planning to open up a small online business, and I guess you can say I’m fast approaching a major crossroad in my life in terms of my career. Some days I feel so inspired and brave, and then other days I’m a deflated balloon left on the sidewalk.

Today, I felt like a balloon tied to a tree – not lying on the ground, but not exactly floating among the clouds. And then she gave me this notebook.

And I swear, when I saw this, I felt like I had just been given a bag of pixie dust. Because at that moment, I felt like I could fly. Because my sister believes in me, and she loves me, and she just truly honestly genuinely gets me.