How easy it is to breathe when you’re seeing something breathtaking

Oregon Coast, July 2015

Don’t you think so?

I remember standing on the edge of the cliff, looking at the infinite ocean and sky, and thinking, breathing in has never felt this good


What my Summer 2016 will hopefully look like…

What my Summer 2016 will hopefully look like...

A cross-country road trip of good ol’ US of A with my favorite girls – my sisters and two of my cousins.

This is just the initial map; I’m pretty sure we’ll be adding more stops as we do more research since we’re all set on going big for this. We’ve allotted 30-45 days and we’ve already started saving up.

What do you think? Is 45 days enough? Too much? If you guys have any suggestions on places to go, attractions to see and things to do, I’d really appreciate it.